I am delighted to provide you with the updated programme of the Nivalion AGWöss & Partners intensive webinar on #ESG and #EU-related #supplychains. The webinar will take place on February 17 (Part 1) and 24 (Part 2), 2-6 pm CET.

In part 2, I will first talk about the issue of #damages with respect to contractual cascading under different applicable laws and CISG as the preferred rules of law, as well as extra-contractual damages and third party claims, and compare them to damages actions for competition law infringements. In the joint panel on #investmentarbitration with Prof. Dr. Nikos Lavranos, I will underline the importance of the #ParisAgreement in order to establish a #FET violation in countries where renewable industries are deliberately being destroyed, as well as the relationship between the Paris Agreement and FET for the determination of the so-called “illegality threshold”, which is the starting point for the determination of damages under the differential hypothesis or but-for premise. I will also mention our joint expert comments (Wöss/San Román/Marboe) on damages, submitted by Prof. Don Wallace Jr., chairman of the International Law Institute, to the UNCITRAL Working Group III on ISDS reform.

It is my great honor and pleasure to speak alongside my esteemed colleagues including Markus P. BehamMadhuri BormsDr. Alice Meissner, FHKIArbHarald SippelEls Van PouckeCarmen Marqués RuizJillian KirnProf. Dr. Nikos Lavranos, Dr. Guojian Xu, Leonardo SemperteguiSimon KnupferLucas Macedo and Michaela Krömer. The keynote speech will be held by Annette Magnusson on “The Expanding Universe of Climate Change Disputes”. #arbitration #investmentarbitration #damages

Dr. Herfried Wöss

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