Wöss & Partners is a leading international trade and customs law firm recognized for many years by the International Who’s Who of Trade & Customs Lawyers. Under the leadership of Dr. Herfried Wöss, the firm has won several landmark anti-dumping, subsidies and safeguard actions in Mexico and advised governmental agencies and corporations with respect to NAFTA/USMCA, the EU-Mexico Association Agreement, CPTPP and other free trade agreements. Dr. Wöss started his career at the Legal Services of the European Commission in Brussels and holds a doctorate with honours in international economic law.

Already in 1994, Dr. Herfried Wöss achieved the cessation of an anti-dumping investigation against the Spanish construction steel manufacturer Marcial Ucin in the first round of investigation. Amongst many others, he successfully represented Rockport in anti-dumping investigations against footwear from the US and Krupp Hoesch Stahl in investigations against cold and hot rolled steel from Germany. The firm represented Europipe, a Salzgitter Mannesmann company, in an anti-dumping investigation with respect to large longitudinally welded steel pipes from Germany and reduced the 30.6% provisional anti-dumping duty to 0%. It also helped reduce the 25.43% anti-dumping duty of Berg Steel Pipe (US) to 4.04% in the sunset revision (without having participated in the original investigation) and maintained such duty in a subsequent sunset revision. It also represented Safety 1st in an anti-dumping investigations of baby phones from China and the Chinese company Anhui in a dumping-only defense in the investigation “Synthetic Fiber Covers from the People’s Republic of China”.

The firm co-represented through its Washington DC office together with a Washington DC trade law firm, its client Negromex, a Kuo – Repsol joint venture, in the US anti-dumping investigation “Emulsion Styrene-Butadiene Rubber from Brazil, Korea, Mexico and Poland”.

As a former disciple of the Honourable Edmond McGovern (International Trade Regulation), Dr. Herfried Wöss started his career with Dr. Pieter Jan Kuijper (a former legal director of the WTO) at the Legal Service of the European Commission. Dr. Wöss holds a doctorate with honors in international economic law in Austria and is specialized in WTO, EU, US and Mexican foreign trade and customs law.  He is the co-editor and co-author of the first publication on the EU – Canada Comprehensive and  Economic and Trade Agreement (TDM Special on CETA).

The firm is familiar with all aspects of international trade regulation and the principal international trade agreements including NAFTA/USMCA, TPP/CPTPP, and the EU-Mexico Association Agreement, as well as all aspects of customs law. It has advised governments and large corporations in the field of international trade regulation and in trade disputes, and with respect to the structuring and optimization of manufacturing operations under different free trade agreements and double taxation treaties. The firm’s trade law team is supported by Dr. Yahír Acosta Pérez in Mexico and Christian Carbajal in Peru and Brazil.