Iván I. Labastida

Iván I. Labastida Labour Counsel

Corporate Lawyer Specialist in Labor Matters, having extensive experience in the litigation of labor lawsuits, refund of contributions from Retirement Fund Administrators, Negotiations with Unions, Labor Audits for regulatory compliance, involvement and monitoring in the Legitimation of collective labor contracts, providing the service nationwide through Correspondents. As part of his practice he has advised clients in the private sector in the construction, pharmaceutical, services, banking, AFORES, Investment Funds Operators, as well as through bidding procedures he has provided specialized services in Labor Law to Federal Government agencies and Development Banking.

He has a law degree from the Universidad Tecnológica de México, with a specialization in Corporate Law, as well as a master's degree in Corporate Law from the Universidad La Salle. Currently taking a specialization course on Labor Justice Reform at the Escuela Federal de Formación Judicial (Federal School of Judicial Training).

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