Don’t miss out on an opportunity to arm yourself with the latest insights on ESG in EU-related supply chains! Our recently held webinars, hosted by Wöss & Partners and Nivalion NG with guest experts, tackle everything from upcoming EU law and contractual drafting, to the dangers of damage claims related to ESG matters, and the key role of sustainability in EU trade agreements.

Listen in as founding partner of Wöss & Partners, Dr. Herfried Wöss, takes a deep dive into the complex world of ESG-related damages claims in international commercial law, dissecting the nuances of different tort law approaches and the implications of the European Union’s modifications to the CSDDD. You can view this session on our YouTube channel here:

And that’s not all – Dr. Wöss alongside colleague, Dr. Nikos Lavranos also provide a groundbreaking analysis of the role of the Paris Agreement in investment arbitrations and its relation to the Fair and Equitable Treatment standard. They shed light on potential waves of investment arbitrations against countries, like Mexico, that disrupt renewable energy production, and unpack the revised Energy Charter Treaty’s new stance on ‘right to regulate’. You can view this particular session on our YouTube channel here:

Join us on this journey, from the intricacies of contractual clauses and supplier codes of conduct to the dispute resolution of ESG-related issues. These recorded webinars will equip you with knowledge, strategies, and inspiration to navigate the ESG landscape effectively.

Step into the realm of ESG-related disputes and resolutions – watch the webinar recordings today!