If you were unable to attend our recent webinar, we invite you to view the insightful session on our YouTube channel. The discussion was enriched by the expertise of Isabella Kaminski, who delved into the financial implications of ESG claims on corporate entities. Additionally, Amanda Neil shared her invaluable insights from an in-house counsel perspective. Not to be missed, Viren Mascarenhas offered a comprehensive US viewpoint on pertinent EU Directives, touching upon critical subjects including audit rights, public interest litigation, and anti-trust claims.


Additionally, don’t forget to REGISTER for the next upcoming webinar scheduled for November 13, which will delve into “Climate Change and Investment Arbitration”. The webinar features prominent speakers such as Prof. Don Wallace, Jr. Dr. Herfried Wöss, Kiran N. Gore and Dr. Devin Bray.

Our remaining two webinars will each offer a concise 75-minute deep dive into the latest trends and considerations including a fifteen minute Q&A session and will present current trends and considerations of this emerging area of law and practice, including the associated risks. Please register to access these webinars in real-time and gain the valuable opportunity to engage in the Q&A session.